Nigeria - UK PACT. Delivering abitious action on climate mitigation.

Nigeria-UK PACT

UK PACT is partnering with Nigeria to support the implementation of its Nationally Determined Contribution (NDC) and deliver ambitious action on climate mitigation.

The programme will award up to £3.75 million to projects that use technical assistance to improve key capabilities, helping Nigeria to accelerate its low-carbon transition and maximise emissions reductions.

Now closed for new applications.

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UK PACT Green Recovery Challenge Fund 

UK PACT is also running a £12 million capacity-building fund to support low-carbon transitions and a green, resilient and inclusive economic recovery across ODA-eligible countries.

This supports innovative ideas that address specific low-carbon challenges, show measurable results, promote social inclusion and inspire future actions to increase climate ambition at scale while supporting countries to rebuild their economies after the Covid-19 outbreak.

Currently supporting funded projects.


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